Precision. Agility. Accountability.

About Promesa Investments

Promesa Investments is a data-driven commercial real estate investment firm led by principals who have extensive institutional backgrounds and notable entrepreneurial ambitions. Our goal is to find the best possible risk-adjusted investment opportunities by combining local market expertise with the latest tools in data analysis, construction design, and optimization.

To do this, we draw on data at every step of our process to find, evaluate, develop, and dispose of properties. This process also is geared towards understanding every factor involved in a deal and mitigating every risk as much as possible.

As a company, we are driven by the pursuit of three principles: precision, agility, and accountability. We strive to be precise when evaluating or operating every deal, agile when reacting to unforseen circumstances, and at all times accountable to our investors and partners.

Currently, our company’s main focus is on acquiring and developing self-storage and light industrial properties throughout Texas and the Southwest.


Our Strengths


Even the smallest details matter, which is why we never allow them to go overlooked when assessing the strength of a potential investment. The principals of our company have backgrounds in statistics and finance with skill sets that were further refined in institutional settings, so they are uniquely qualified to understand the nuances of individual deals.
At the same time, precision means keeping the big picture in mind, too. Doing both leads to the kinds of predictable outcomes that set Promesa apart from the competition.


We believe that problem-solving is good, but problem-avoiding is better.  So while most commercial real estate investment firms like to boast about how well they can solve the kinds of problems that hinder otherwise good deals, we prefer to just avoid them in the first place. By maintaining this type of agile approach, we are able to steer clear of costly problems and spot opportunities before they expire.


Being open and honest with our investors is the right thing to do. We’ve also found that holding ourselves accountable is highly valued by our investors. By being completely transparent with our partners, we make it easier for them to understand why they should invest with us. It’s a win-win.