Our Story

The Promesa Story

“I named our company ‘Promesa’ because it’s Spanish for ‘promise,’ which is what we offer our investors. Our goal – our promise – is to always operate with the highest degree of integrity. This means doing everything we can to find the best possible investment opportunities and being completely open about that process with our investors.” – Victor R. Mendiola, Jr.

After 15 years of working primarily in a private equity opportunity fund setting for institutional commercial real estate firms, Victor realized there was a huge opportunity for someone with his background and entrepreneurial spirit.

He founded Promesa Investments to do three things:

  • Identify the best risk-adjusted real estate investment opportunities
  • Partner with experts who are the best in their respective fields
  • Execute a property’s business plan

And, in keeping with the guiding principle of Promesa Investments, he endeavors to do all of this while adhering to the highest of standards.

Even though Victor has an extensive background in statistics and quantitative methods, the company doesn’t rely solely on numbers to make investment decisions. Instead, this information is complemented by local market expertise gleaned from the acquisition and development of other properties to identify the most promising opportunities. It’s this unique combination of powerful information that allows Promesa’s principles to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to their investors.

Most importantly, at Promesa Investments, we believe that how you win matters just as much as winning in the first place. That’s why we place so much focus on accountability. We go out of our way to be as transparent as possible with partners who have entrusted us with so much.