Our Process

At Promesa Investments, the majority of our success can be attributed to our process. It’s the culmination of our combined decades of experience in the world of commercial real estate, where we saw firsthand what approaches really worked and which ones were more trouble than they were worth.
While one essential pillar of our process is agility – which gives us the ability to adapt to changing conditions – our commitment to a process-oriented mindset has been the main source of our winning investments.


Data Drives Every Decision

 We are all about using data to make the best possible decisions. This means using data to find prospective commercial real estate investment opportunities and then evaluating their potential for high returns with minimal risk. We don’t ever begin construction on a property until we’ve been through the data and are confident we know the most efficient way forward. The same dedication to relying on data directs the way we operate, and ultimately dispose of, properties.

Even with our extensive background in this field, we never leave a single step to chance. Data drives every decision.

Putting Data to Use with Frontline Experience

Of course, data can be misleading for those who don’t know how to properly put it to use. The decades we spent gaining frontline experience are just as much a part of every decision we make. Some investment firms only employ data experts. Others are staffed almost entirely by the dealmakers. We have both. So once the numbers make sense for a decision, we can validate our direction by applying our real-world expertise to it.

This is also how we’re able to mitigate risks. Our experience helps us find sites, work within preexisting city processes, finance deals, and then open and operate projects.

An Open and Transparent Process for Partners

Finally, the most important part of our process is integrity. We don’t just want to close major deals. We want to do it the right way. Promesa Investments isn’t a firm that takes partners’ investment dollars and then leaves them in the dark. Instead, we are more than happy to show our partners every step of the process we plan on using to secure returns. We welcome feedback and want to answer any questions our partners have.

Aside from being the ethical thing to do, we have found that this dedication to transparency has also bolstered our relationships with partners. After seeing the way that we do things, partners are much more confident entrusting us with their capital.